Press Release - BAF members in "The Zone" at MACH 2012

16th February 2012.

BAF Members Getting In The Zone

The British Abrasives Federation (BAF) has been the united voice of the UK abrasives industry for more than 50 years, helping members and users alike to navigate their way through the jungle of legislation and standards to provide a safe haven of guidelines, products and advice.  BAF’s attendance at MACH 2012 together with a large number of their members, in the aptly named Grinding Zone, marks a healthy return to prosperity for both the UK abrasives and manufacturing industries.

It has long been recognised by users of abrasives that finding and selecting both a supplier and an abrasive product is in itself a daunting challenge. Add to it the need to ensure users and employees are properly trained to get the best result in a safe environment and it’s little wonder that the customers and users of BAF member companies are reluctant to chop and change suppliers. Nevertheless the world of abrasive products is a fast changing industry with constant innovation extending the life and speed of the tools and failure to keep up with the latest products and technologies can mean that step changes in productivity even with existing machinery can be missed.

The majority of the BAF members will be exhibiting new products combining the latest generations of abrasive grain and high tech materials such as carbon fibre to provide the very latest in high performance abrasives.

As well as a good place to find the latest industry trends BAF are keen to ensure that the products its members promote are used safely and securely. Abrasive products regularly operate at peripheral speeds of 200 mph and modern grinding machines are able to accelerate wheels faster than a formula one car. Correct selection, mounting and use are critical to the safety of the machine as well as to the operator.

The BAF feel that the products of its members meet or exceed the highest worldwide safety standards but experience has shown that the cause of many accidents is due to poorly trained operators or products being incorrectly used or mounted.

BAF decided that clear guidelines on who should be trained and to what standard were required if accidents involving abrasive tools were to be reduced and the standard of training improved.

BAF brought together a group of leading experts within the Abrasives Industry, using guidance from the HSE and the PUWER regulations, to define a standard as to the content and delivery of any abrasive safety training programme.

The need to raise the standard of trainers meant that BAF subsequently set up an accreditation committee and are also able to provide training notes to ensure course content and accuracy. A number of training companies and BAF members have now been through the
accreditation process and the list of approved trainers is growing.

The achievements BAF have made in setting the highest standards for its members, the industry and ensuring safety for abrasive users is testament to a modern and common sense approach to the demands of industry.

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